Flow Control Valve

Pressure Compensated Flow Control

Model Code: FCVP

Technical Data
Mounting style
Threaded & Subplate Mounting
Mounting position
Cracking Pressure bar
0,1,2,3 & 5
Maxmium Operating Pressure bar
315 Bar
Flow Direction
Controlled flow from port A to B
Maxmium flow L/min.
4 LPM, 8 LPM, 16LPM, 32LPM
Pressure fluid  
Mineral oil (HL,HLP) to DIN 51524;
Fast bio-degradable pressure fluids to
VDMA 24 568;HTEG (rape seed oil);
HEPG (polyglycol);HEES (synthetic ester);
other fluids on request
Pressure fluid -temperature range oC
-30 to +80
Viscosity range mm2/s
2.8 to 500
Degree of contamination  
Maxmium premissible degree of contamination of the fluid is to NAS 1638 class 9.
Weight kg.